Organizational Structure

  • Determine the organization’s mission and purposes
  • Select the executive staff
  • Provide ongoing support and guidance for the executive
  • Ensure effective organizational planning & adequate resources
  • Manage resources effectively
  • Monitor GLP’s programs and services
  • Enhance the organization’s public image
  • Assess overall GLP board, staff and project performance

GLP shall provide, on request, an annual report that includes information about its purpose, activities, finances and governance; also the application of funds, in accordance with donor expectations, to the programs and activities described in solicitations.

US Dept. of the Treasury Anti-Terrorist Financing Guidelines

USA Department of the Treasury Anti-Terrorist Financing Guidelines


Our Advisory Board is composed of people with a genuine interest in our mission and a desire to see GLP do well.

Our Advisory Board is an active committee of volunteers who carry out the mission of GLP and help deliver the magic of books to recipient children and adults.

Advisory Board members are voted in and out by the Global Literacy Project’s Board of Trustees. Advisory Board Members have no voting power and cannot speak on behalf of the Global Literacy Project without approval from the GLP Board of Trustees.

The function of Advisors may include:

  • A source of ideas and strategy to be employed by the organization.
  • A sounding board for ideas generated within GLP.
  • A source of ideas for future programming and development.

How do Advisory Board members raise awareness?

Advisory Board members utilize their strengths to draw attention to GLP’s program goals in innovative ways. The goal is provide literacy resources to recipients in their area of focus. Advisory Board members may get involved in campaigns designed by GLP to raise funds through fundraising events and donations from individuals, businesses, service organizations and foundations in their communities.


GLP shall have an active governing body that meets at least three times a year, with a majority of its members present on average.

GLP shall have an independent governing body whose compensated members constitute no more than 45% of the total voting membership.

GLP’s independent governing body shall have no members who are engaged in business transactions in which they have material conflicting interests.


  • A reasonable percentage (at least 50%) of total income shall be applied to program activities.
  • A reasonable percentage (at least 50%) of public contributions shall be applied to program activities.
  • Fundraising costs should not exceed a reasonable percentage (no more than 35%) of public contributions.
  • Total fundraising and administrative costs shall be reasonable and not exceed 50% of total income.

GLP must conduct ongoing consultation with those assisted.

“Consultation” means exchanging information and views between the GLP and the beneficiaries of our work. This exchange will be about:

  • The needs and aspirations of recipients
  • The project plans of the GLP in a given community
  • Identifying desired changes, in negotiation with affected people, as soon as possible.
  • The entitlements of recipients
  • Feedback and reactions from recipients to the GLP on its plans and expected results

The Global Literacy Project must respond, adapt, and evolve in response to feedback received, and must explain to all stakeholders the changes made and/or why change was not possible.

Organizational Partnerships

To promote a mutually beneficial relationship between all organizations that support the mission of GLP, and to foster a cooperative coalition for all involved, representatives from like-minded organizations may be offered a seat on the Advisory Board to the Global Literacy Project, Inc.