Africa Overview

Africa Literacy Support Programs

The percentage of the school age population in African countries that actually makes it into school is among the lowest in the world and this is especially challenging at the primary school level. Throughout most of Africa a severe lack of funds coupled with a lack of adequate teachers, classrooms, and learning materials adversely affect the educational environment.

The Global Literacy Project, Inc. also seeks to strengthen and extend global literacy as well as to encourage partnerships between educators from around the world and Africa by actively engaging African educators, the international development community, and other interest groups.

Book Donations and Other Literacy Support Materials

The Global Literacy Project, Inc. regularly sends containers of donated textbooks and supplementary educational materials from the United States to three African regions–Eastern Africa, West Africa, and South Africa. U.S. publishers and education institutions donate the books, and Global Literacy Project funds cover the shipping and assistance in distribution. Book allocations from the donated materials are based primarily on the recipients’ expressed needs and requests.

We also work towards expanding the quantity and to improve the quality of learning materials that are available for schools in our High Literacy Clusters by providing student textbooks and workbooks, teacher handbooks and guides, handouts, worksheets, posters, vocabulary lists, and visual aids. We challenge ourselves to provide: materials with relevant content, institutional capacity building, and the long-term sustainability of the partnerships between African institutions and American counterparts.