Volunteer Internationally

GLP’s Global Learning Expeditions

We annually recruit volunteers, who spend between two to six weeks working as teams in GLP supported schools. Our volunteers work with staff and students and are responsible for investing in the schools and their surrounding communities. Team members are selected on the basis of their having the qualities to offer a means of improving the delivery of education at the project site. This may mean a variety of things, such as having a team of engineering students assist in building a library building or installing a water catchment system. The visiting volunteers are accompanied by a GLP local project manager as well as local college students. The inclusion of the local college students is to facilitate knowledge exchange. Projects are documented to create manuals which then become part of the programming in Community Learning Centers.

Global Learning Expeditions*

Kenya South Africa South India Caribbean

Teso District, Western Kenya

Kibera, Nairobi

Randfontein, Gauteng

Gandarvakottai, Tamil Nadu

St. Vincent & the Grenadines


July 2011

Jan. 2-14 & Aug. 1-14

July 2010
July 2010
July 28 – August
April 2-8
August 3-23
July 2009
August 4-18
July 3-9
TBA in 2010
July 2008
August 4-22
May 17 – June 20
August 1-18/25
August 5-21
January 2-15
*Members of GLP’s Global Learning Expeditions are expected to raise funds (which are supplemented by GLP’s own referrals) to effect the project they have committed to. Below are several of our recent trips.

Global Learning Internship Opportunities

GLP currently offers several summer internship experiences in Kenya, South Africa and South India (on a limited basis). We also offer a summer internship program in conjunction with Princeton University. The Princeton Office of International Programs (OIP), seeks to give Princeton students “firsthand encounters with the peoples, cultures, and contemporary concerns of other regions of the world.â€? For more details see HERE.

Our interns will join with other volunteers working in the rural areas of Teso Destrict, Westrn Kenya, Randfontein, South Africa and the Delta region, Tamil Nadu, India. There they are mainly placed in middle or elementary level schools. These are schools with many enthusiastic students but which also struggle with significant resource shortages as well as staff shortages and/or skill deficits. (Download application form HERE)