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GLP 2007 Literacy Poster GLP 2007 Literacy Poster Focusing on Literacy, Human Rights and Sustainable Development Around the World


This activity explores the link between poverty and access to education; prioritises reasons why it is important to go to school; and uses the case study "Thabte's Story" (130KB) to compare the educational experiences of students in your classroom with those of someone from South Africa.

This activity has been designed as a primary classroom activity but is also appropriate for lower secondary. Click here for full details of this activity (50KB).

Economics, Illiteracy, Water and Cholera

This activity uses the case study “South Africa Cholera Crisis of 2000-2002” (222KB) to explore the effects of drinking polluted water. After reading the case study pupils work in pairs to match "problems" that contribute towards water contamination with "solutions" to improve the quality of water.

The United Nations has identified unclean water as a major cause of premature death in Africa and one which can be easily prevented by investment in improving access to clean water. Click here for full details of this activity (35KB).

Remember, "Global Citizenship" is a way of thinking and behaving, and a belief that we can make a difference.

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UNESCO's 2008 International Literacy Day Poster (2007 Poster)


Classroom Connections

  • Classroom Connections is an initiative that creates interactions between interested schools in the USA and clusters of schools in other countries. These partnerships seek to foster a philosophy of thinking of ourselves as being citizens of the world. We hope that these connections will improve young peoples knowledge and understanding of other cultures. MORE...

School to School Programs

Partnership activities help to:

  • develop a better understanding of the world we live in
  • compare and contrast the values and attitudes we carry
  • work against prejudice and xenophobia
  • provide opportunities to act as global citizens
  • encourage understanding and friendship

Partnerships also help raise levels of literacy; assists in learning to speak a foreign language; and demonstrates how to learn to work towards shared goals. MORE...


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