Learn Another Blackjack Version in Online Poker Site, Triple Attack

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in online poker site and it has several versions such as Triple Attack Blackjack. You can’t deny at all that Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games and it remains as the most popular in both land-based casino and online gambling site. If you join gambling site which is so complete in all variants of the poker game, you can see many versions of Blackjack. One of the very popular versions you can see is Triple Attack Blackjack. In this game, all players can triple their bet from the initial amount on the stage to increase the result.

What is Triple Attack Blackjack in Online Poker?

Blackjack has several versions in online poker site and if you are lucky to join the most trusted one, you can meet the complete versions of Blackjack including Triple Attack Blackjack. This game is played using the 8 Spanish Deck. A Spanish Deck is basically the deck which consists around 48 cards and 10s will be removed from the deck. The game will start when the player makes the bet which is called as “Firstattack” bet. Every player is allowed to place their bet on the first card only.

After that, the players can make the “Secondattack” bet and it means, the bet must be the same in amount to the “firstattack” bet. The dealer will bet his own first card as the face up. Then, players need to make the “thirdattack” bet and it has to be equal to the “secondattack” bet. There is an interesting feature in this game which is the players are allowed to do the “thirdattack” bet even if they don’t make the “secondattack” bet at all in the game and this is something you need to realize about.

Perhaps, you might be confused to know about the terms in Triple Blackjack. This game will proceed in similar ways and manners as other variations of Blackjack. The players are all allowed to play their wager on the second cards and dealer need to bet the second card in face down. However, if the card which is betted by the dealer is facing up and it is an ace, the players may place the insurance bet in this game. The payout you might get if you win with the insurance bet will depend on the suited Blackjack and also the non-suited hands.

General Rules of Triple Attack Blackjack in Online Poker

For the suited Blackjack in this game, the payout you can get is around 5:1. Meanwhile, the non-suited Blackjack will get around 2:1 of the payout. In Triple Attack Blackjack, this game has several rules you need to follow and understand. If any player wants to split or double, they have to bet in extra amount for every bet. The player is all allowed to double any number of the cards and they are allowed to double the bet again after splitting the hands. The players may also re-split the ace cards.

In this game, the 6-card Charlie rule is all applied where if the player has 6 cards without going out of the order at all, he can win the game automatically. The dealer must hit on 17. Apart from the rules, there are other rules as well which are so different from the simple game of Blackjack. Those rules are in the case of tie that may appear on the game and the resolution is all given to favor the players and if they win the game, the players will get the even money. You need to know another basic rule.

If the dealer busts over 21 or perhaps 22, the bets which are placed by the rest of the players there will push. You have to know as well that this game has 2 side bets including the insurance bets for players. One of them is known as the Suited Royals. Just like the name, it is the bet that will give you the payout if the first two cards placed by the players have the same suit. If you have the suited face Royal cards, then you might get huge payout around 10:1. You can get even more than just it.

If you have both Queen and King in the suited cards, you may get higher payout which is around 40:1. If you gave other suited cards then you can get around 2:1. This game might have higher house edge slightly in 3% compared to the regular Blackjack but it is still low compared to other casino games especially the chance game. Another side bet is called as Triple Match and this is so rare to happen on the game because you can get around 150:1 of payout if you have 3 same cards of the suit in this online poker game.